Product Development of a Fried Rice Cracker (Khao-tan) Topped with Osmotically Dehydrated Pineapple Fruit

Primprao Tamaphud, Ahshalalai Kamflu, Jirapa Pongjanta


Fried glutinous rice crackers are a favorite Thai traditional snack. Locally they are referred toas khao-tan. Originally the rice crackers are topped with crystallized syrup, high in carbohydrate andfat content. To make this delicious snack healthier, our study attempted to enhance the fiber and tasteof the rice cracker by using pineapple fruit as the topping raw material. The best pineapple variety wasfirst determined: Pattavia. Using this variety, the best osmotic dehydration conditions were immersion ofpineapple slices in 30 °Brix sucrose/maltodextrin syrup for 18 h followed by immersion in 25% glucose for1 h and drying at 60 °C for 9 h. The properties of the osmotic pineapple slices were water activity of 0.56,color L* a* and b* values of 34.07, -1.67, 31.15, and a total plate count of 1.26 x 103 CFU/gram. A friedcracker topped with this osmotic pineapple slice received the highest score on color, odor, taste, texture,and total acceptance by trained panelists and 105 consumers from Lampang Province. The same snack had0.51 of water activity, 5.71% of moisture content and 1.05 milligram-malonal dehyde/kilogram sample.Thus it showed excellent stability with lower rancidity than the original crackers that had TBA value at1.77 milligram malonaldehyde/kilogram sample.

Keywords : Pineapple Varieties / Maltodextrin / Glucoline / Texture Profile / RancidityAbstractProduct Development of a Fried Rice Cracker (Khao-tan)Topped with Osmotically Dehydrated Pineapple FruitPrimprao Tamaphud1, Ahshalalai Kamflu1, and Jirapa Pongjanta2*Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Lampang, Phichai, Muang, Lampang 52000 Thailand* Corresponding

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