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Vol 18 No 3 (2018): September-December 2018 (Special Issue)

Published: 2018-12-25


Dhammathas Academic Journal

The Effective Organizational Management Model of Provincial Waterworks Authority Operation 2

Mongkol Srisaeng, Umarwan Watakit, Ratchada Pakdeeying, Romson Nilpong, Rungnapa Kittilap


Budget Management of Schools under KhonKaen Educational Service Area 1

Thaen Pranakorn, Somwang Onlaor, Chayakon Rodvinit, Tatiyapron Prasatkul, Palakorn Vaengtai, Maneewan Sangsawang


The Model for Paying Homage to Buddha Relics in KhonKaen Province

Virat Nakhonchom, Phramaha Daosayam Wachirapanyo, Sowit Bamrungphak


The Family’s Stability Creation with Buddhist Integration

Phrakhru Arthornkijjaphiruk Chatchomphu, Sowit Bumruangpak


Community Enterprise Movement to Become Social Enterprise in Nongruea District, KhonKaen Province

Nimitr Bunpeng, Chomphunat Chomphuphan, Cherdkiat Kulabutr, Saowapa Sukprasert


Buddhist Ethics that Applied to Human and Non-human Species

Phrasamu Adirek Âdiccabalo, Pramuan Noisong


Bodhicitta in Mahāyāna Buddhism: An Analytical Study based on Early Buddhism

Phramaha Sayan Visuddho (Tiancrob), Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo, Sowit Bamrungphak, Theerapong Meethaisong


Organization Culture of Private Schools

Ekkarach Kositpimanvach, Pa Agsonsue


Boon Caekkhao: Model of Sharing and Creating Katannu of E-San People

Phrakru Sudhikhamphirayana, Phramaha Phisit Suebnisai, Phra Samsong Sanñato


The Duty of Parents in the Views of Theravada Buddhist Philosophy

Phra Narin Silatacho, Jaras Leeka, Phra Sombat Thitayano, Panya Sattra


The Existence of the Deva in Perspective of Theravada Buddhist Philosophy

Phramaha Jaising Siridhammo, Jaras Leeka, Udom Buasri


Buddhism and Genetic Human Birth

Prawit Hengphrathani, Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo


Concept of Death in Sri Aurobindo’s Perspective

Phra Pojanun Kumpol, Khamhaeng Visuddhangkoon


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