Vol 43, No 1 (2016)

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resep masakan indonesia
resep masakan indonesia
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Table of Contents


Ant colony system (ACS) with hybrid local search to solve vehicle routing problems pdf
Suphan Sodsoon, Savalee Uttra, Sombat Sindhuchao 1-8
Analysis of discharge consistency and performance of a sugarcane billet planter with side-conveyer concept pdf
Titinai Thienyaem, Khwantri Saengprachatanarug, Masami Ueno, Taira Eizo 9-12
Structural comparison of anodic nanoporous-titania fabricated from single-step and three-step of anodization using two paralleled-electrodes anodizing cell pdf
Mallika Thabuot, Chaiyaput Kruehong 13-20
Photocatalytic and antibacterial activity of ZnO powders prepared via sol-gel method pdf
Weerachai Sangchay, Kornkanok Ubolchollakhat 21-25
Filtration efficiency and filter resistance of nylon-6 and nylon-6/chitosan nanofibrous membranes pdf
Panu Danwanichakul, Duangkamol Danwanichakul, Adisara Yooyanyong, Kantika Sae-Ieo 26-31
Continuous quality inspection in hard disc drive manufacturing: A case study pdf
Yupa Lorkanchanakul, Peerapong Triyacharoen 32-40
The effect of remaining SDS on protein release in later leaching steps of deproteinized natural rubber pdf
Panu Danwanichakul, Adisara Yooyanyong, Duangkamol Danwanichakul 41-46


Mathematical aspects for electrical network connections pdf
Pattrawut Chansangiam 47-54