Nursing role in preventing and managing stress

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Stress is part of human being experience. In western perspective, stress is defined as losing
physical and mental stability after person confronts with some stimuli and life events. According
to Eastern perspective, stress derives from suffering which occurs from outside stimuli, mind
and thought flavor artificially, and always ends up with uncomfortable mind, lack of happiness
and peaceful. There are three causes of stress which comprise physical factor, psychological
factor, and social factor. The consequences of stress effect to physical, thought, emotion,
behavior, and social response differently. If persons adapts to stressful stimuli effectively,
they will return to mind and body equilibrium. If they could not deal with stress, they will
get dangerous consequences instead. Therefore, health care providers would have substantial
knowledge about stress and could apply appropriate stress management for individual customer.
The ultimate goals are solving stressful situation between person and environment, alleviating
stressful responses, and promoting problem-solving skills.



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