Normal Tension Glaucoma โรคต้อหินชนิดความดันตาปกติ

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Chatmongkol Phruancharoen


Normal tension glaucoma (NTG) is a progressive optic neuropathy, diagnosed when typical
glaucomatous disc changes, glaucomatous visual field defects and open anterior chamber angles
accompany with intraocular pressure (IOP) constantly below 21 mmHg. Chronic low vascular perfusion, migraine,
nocturnal systemic hypotension and over-treated systemic hypertension are the main detectable causes
of NTG. Tonometry, gonioscopy, slit lamp biomicroscopy, visual field analysis and optical coherence
tomography are the main investigations for the diagnosis of NTG. Adequate reduction of IOP remains the
key of treatment in this type of glaucoma. Generally, the treatment is aimed to lower IOP by 30% from
pre-existing. Eye drops (such as betaxolol, brimonidine, and prostaglandin analogues), laser trabeculoplasty,
trabeculoctomy, systemic calcium channel blockers and 24-hour monitoring of blood pressure for detecting
of systemic hypotension are considered


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