Development of A Care Model for Acute Stroke Patients with Administration of Intravenous Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator

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Thongchai Sumitsawan


Acute stroke is the important cause of dead in the elderly. This action research was to develop and
evaluate a care model for patients with acute ischemic stroke treated with rt-PA in Srisangwornsukhothai
Hospital from January 2015 to July 2017. The research processes composed of four steps including
1) gap analysis 2) develop care model 3) implementation 4) evaluate development results.The sample were
selected by purposive sampling with 35 persons from multidisciplinary team and 36 ischemic stroke
patients treated with rt-PA.The data were analyzed with comparative statistics paired t test. The results
showed that acute ischemic stroke care treated with rt-PA by multidisciplinary team followed the care
guideline 96% in the performance. The patients treated with rt-PA, onset to needle time mean 2 hrs.
29 mins, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale at discharge reduction by mean 8 scores (p < 0.001),
Barthel index at discharge increase 62 scores (p < 0.001), modified Rankin scale (0-1) at discharge was
51.1% and intracranial hemorrhage found 11.1%. In conclusion, the development of a care model for acute
ischemic stroke patients treated with rt-PA by multidisciplinary team, results in better therapeutic outcomes.


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Thongchai Sumitsawan

Department of Medicine, Srisangwornsukhothai Hospital, 64120