Development of the Glutinous Rice Roasted in Bamboo Joints (Khao Larm) Production Places in Nan Province to Primary Good Manufacturing Practice

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Patchara Thawara


The glutinous rice roasted in bamboo joints (Khao Larm) is the famous local food of Nan province.
This quantitative and using in-depth interview technique research had aimed to develop “Khao Larm
production place prototype”, to develop primary good manufacturing practice (Primary GMP) for Khao Larm
production places and to study the barriers for improving Primary GMP of Khao Larm production places.
The study was performed from October 2014 to September 2017. The data were collected from 17 Khao Larm
production places in Nan province and recorded by Pre-Packaged Food inspection in the final part of
Ministry of Public Health declaration (volume 324) 2012. The evaluation was done annually, before and after
development. In addition, Khao Larm samples from each place were collected for quality analysis. The data
were analyzed by using descriptive statistic and paired t-test. The results showed that, before the developments
all Khao Larm production places (17 places) did not pass the primary GMP. However, after the development,
1 Khao Larm production place met the prototype and 6 Khao Larm production places (out of 15 places, 40 %)
passed the primary GMP. The average of assessment score after development (69.06) was higher than
before development (48.45) (p < 0.001). The analysis for microbial and chemical standards resulted that
all specimens of Khao Larm samples passed the standards. The significant concerned of Khao Larm producers
in Nan were burden of taxation, cost of production improvements and lack of successors for their business.
In conclusion, this research can lead the “Khao Larm production place prototype” and passed the primary


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Patchara Thawara

Department of Consumer Protection and Public Health Pharmacy, Nan Provincial Public Health Office, Nan, 55000