Evaluation of Pectoralis Muscle Invasion in Breast Cancer Patients by an Add-on Sonography

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Surapong Chareewit


Mammography and sonography are standard methods for breast cancer screening and diagnosis.
This retrospective descriptive study aimed to evaluate the accuracy of an add-on sonographic technique
in breast cancer patients with pectoralis muscle invasion in Buddhachinnaraj Phitsanulok hospital during
May 2015 to September 2017. There were 55 breast cancer patients. An add-on sonographic technique
showed positive results for pectoralis muscle invasion in 20 patients (36.4%) and negative results in
35 patients (63.6%). While surgical findings and pathological reports showed pectoralis muscle invasion in
16 patients (29.1%) and no muscle invasion in 39 patients (70.9%). Sensitivity, Specificity, PPV, NPV and
Accuracy of the add-on sonographic technique are 100.0%, 89.7%, 80.0%, 100.0% and 92.7%, respectively.
In conclusion, an add-on sonographic technique has high accuracy to evaluate pectoralis muscle invasion
in breast cancer patient


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Surapong Chareewit

Department of Radiology. Buddhachinaraj Phitsanulok Hospital, Phitsanulok, Thailand. 65000