Efficiency of Innovative Prone Pillow for Rehabilitation Procedures

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Nitsara Pattapong


Some of specific position in rehabilitation procedure is prone position. The innovated prone
pillow was created. The efficacy of innovated prone pillow was evaluated in a total of 50 patients
who underwent for rehabilitation procedure in prone position such asdry needling, acupuncture or
needle EMG examination at muscle around neck, shoulder, back and gluteal muscles from December
2017 to March 2018 with a single-blinded randomized controlled study. The patients were randomly
assigned into two groups, 25 patients per each group. The first group had procedure with normal pillow
before innovative prone pillow, second group had procedure with innovative prone pillow before normal pillow
and evaluated between groups with Paired-Samples T-Test andindependent T-Test.The result revealed
that the VAS and the efficacy were significantly more pronounced in innovated prone pillow group, VAS
(p < 0.01), efficacy of pillow strength (p = 0.032), convenience (p = 0.015),comfort (p = 0.049), relax
(p = 0.025) and safety (p = 0.017) more over, the innovative prone pillow can reduced electrical noisein
electrophysiological parameter in the patient who underwent for needle EMG examination (p = 0.032).
Thus, innovative prone pillow is an effective option for treatment with rehabilitation procedure in the
patient with prone position


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