A Thai boy with severe traumatic brain injury declared as a first organ donor after brain death

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Adisak Tanpun Kullapat Veerasarn


Traumatic brain injury is counted as the leading cause of death and disability in children.
The incidence of head trauma in children was reported approximately 280/100,000.1,2 This article reports
the case of a Thai boy aged 14 years old who diagnosed as severe traumatic brain injury after car accident,
a tires explosion. In addition, CT brain scan findings have revealed subdural hemorrhage and brain edema.
Further, the wide craniectomy with right temporal lobectomy and remove hematoma were done by the
neurosurgeon and team. After the operation, the conditions brain death has manifested consecutively.
Then, organ procurement was considered by parents and healthcare team. Interestingly, this case is the
first organ procurement case of Phichit Hospital, Thailand


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Adisak Tanpun

Neurosurgery division, Surgery department, Phichit Hospital, Phichit, Thailand

Kullapat Veerasarn

Neurosurgery department, Prasat Neurological Institute, Bangkok, Thailand