Chulalongkorn Business Review is a journal that publishes articles in accounting, management, finance, marketing, applied statistics, insurance, and IT. The journal has been published quarterly and widely recognized by researchers and practitioners in Thailand for more than 30 years. The Chulalongkorn Journal of Business Review will accept academic and research papers as well as letters to the Editor, which express opinions on the works published, written in English and Thai, in any field related to business administration. It aims to publish high quality papers that are theory-oriented and will contribute to the further development or creation of a new body of language or those emphasizing practicality that can be adopted or practised in business administration. 

Vol 41 No 4: ISSUE 162, OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2019

Published: 2019-12-25

New Auditor’s Report: The Next Year Experience in Thailand

สุนีย์รัตน์ วุฒิจินดานนท์, ปัญญา อิสระวรวาณิช


Influence of Islamic Religiosity on Travel Motivation, Destination Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty

อนัสวีย์ แกล้วณรงค์, ณัฐพล อัสสะรัตน์


A Critical Incident Analysis from Experiences of Executives on Organizational Resilience

วิภาวรรณ ลิมป์ไพบูลย์, จิราวรรณ ฉายสุวรรณ, สิริวุฒิ บูรณพิร


A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Procurement Fraud Risk Perception Model in Governmental Units

ปิยาภิศักดิ์ เจียรสุคนธ์, สุรีย์ โบษกรนัฏ, ศศิวิมล มีอำพล, พรรณนิภา รอดวรรณะ


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