Anthocyanin Encapsulation from Purple Corncob by Spray Drying

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Thanyanun Rithmanee Apirada Phonpannawit


This research was experimental work. The objectives of this research were as follows: (1) to studied physical and chemical qualities of water extract from purple corncob and (2) to studied the appropriate content of maltodextrin purple corncob powder by encapsulation using spray drying. The anthocyanin can be extracted by boiling from the residue purple corncobs from the agricultural process. The solution found that the water extract color from purple corncob was dark purple from anthocyanin pigment with 11.26 mg/g content and catechin content 101.02 mg/kg. Following the above step the encapsulation technology by spray drying for encapsulating with maltodextrin concentration of 3, 5 and 7% have been applied. The physical and chemical qualities have been studied. The experiment was carried out in triplicate by using CRD. The demonstrated results found that L* and a* values of purple corncob powder with 3 maltodextrin concentration were significantly different (P≤0.05). L* and b* values were significantly increased with enrichment maltodextrin (P≤0.05) but a* value was significantly decreased (P≤0.05). Water solubility index was not found solid during centrifuged. Moisture content and total soluble solids of purple corncob with maltodextrin concentration of 3% was significantly different (P≤0.05) among purple corncob with maltodextrin concentration of 5 and 7%. aw, moisture content, titratable acidity and anthocyanin content were decreased but total soluble solid was increased with enrichment maltodextrin. The purple corncob powder with maltodextrin concentration of 3% had the highest anthocyanin content 6.82 mg/g.

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