Testing and Prediction the Temperature of Oil-immersed Transformer when Non-linear Load Condition with 1 Phase Rectifier

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Siriwich Tadsuan Prasit Sukserm


 This paper presents the testing and prediction of the temperature of oil-immersed transformer when the load condition is non-linear. The purpose is to study the harmonic temperature of the transformer, compare temperatures of test results with prediction of top oil and at the hottest-spot of the transformer. Test procedure for installing thermocouple type K at the coil area and at the top oil of the oil-immersed transformer, type 3 phase, 10 kVA, D/Y .Use of bridge rectifier, capacitor and heater are the loads of the transformer. Record temperature of transformer with temperature recorder and record current and voltage of transformer with power meter and storage oscilloscope. The temperature obtained from the test is compared with the value obtained from the mathematical model. The results of the research indicate that the harmonic currents are not exceeded. The secondary winding temperature is 97.42 ° C .The test results compared with the prediction of the top oil area and hottest-spot area of the transformer had a relative error of 2.00, 3.41 respectively.


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