Factors Related to Respiratory Symptoms among Workers in a Broom Grass Industry Case Study: Kohk Gruat Sub District Pak Phli District Nakhonnayok Province

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Watcharaporn Wongsakoonkan Kanokon Photong Kritsana Arunrat Pannapat Kittiyapornwat Yaowapa Manpuen Patcharakamon Klunbut


This cross-sectional study aimed to examine factors related to respiratory symptoms among workers in a broom grass industry. The sample were 98 workers at Kohk guart sub district, Pak phli district, Nakhonnayok province. Interview form was used for collecting the information. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage and standard deviation. The inferential statistic chi square was used to analyze the factors related to respiratory symptoms among workers. The result showed that 86.73% had abnormal respiratory symptoms. The characteristics of abnormal respiratory symptoms included sneezing, blocked nose and runny nose. Age (X2=7.876, p-value=0.049), Work days per week (X2=6.970, p-value=0.031) and protective behavior X2 = 7.117, p -value = 0.029) were significantly associated with respiratory symptoms at p-valve<0.05. The findings of this study could be useful in planning the program to prevent abnormal respiratory symptoms and lung function among broom grass industry workers.


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