Stage 3-4 of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Nursing Care with Health Teaching

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Kantapat Boonwan Chutchavarn Wonsaree Kulyporn Cheypho


This article aims to teach health in patient who has chronic kidney disease stage 3-4 which is the process of giving nurses’ knowledge to patient in order to have health behavioral changes to the desirable ones which has to depend on experiences, knowledge in science and appending method with principle theoretical components. Thus, health teaching outcomes that happened to patients who have chronic kidney disease stage 3-4 are consisted of prolongation to the final stage of kidney disease, reduce complication and to live with the disease happily. Good quality life of patient is considered to be as nursing results. From literature review found that direct teaching of health will create awareness in self-care to patient which will lead to correct behavior in slowing progression with Kidney disease. Therefore, nurses that will teach good health must have self-confident, think thoroughly about body of knowledge that have more than patient and family before bring to apply in teaching individually. Thus, teaching of health has many procedures that nurse must choose appropriately with each of patient and the most important is that nurse must realize about health teaching to patient is to slow progression with Kidney disease and it considers to be another kind of model that must service by clinic. Therefore, author wrote this article in order to apply as body of knowledge to nurses to understand and bring to apply appropriately.


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