Activities of Daily Living with Dementia Protective Behaviors in Older Person in Pathum Thani Social Welfare Development Center

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Nitikul Boonkaew


This study was descriptive study research aiming to investigate basic activities of daily living, dementia protective behaviors, and compares dementia protective behaviors following activities of daily living levels. The sample was 50 olders person in Pathum Thani social welfare development center. Research instruments were demographic interview, basic acitivities of daily living, dementia protective behaviors interview that the reliabilities was 0.70, and discussion guideline for activity of daily living and dementia protective behaviors. Data were analyzed by using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, one-way ANOVA, and content analysis. Results findings were that the most basic ADLs of 12-20 score were 88% (M=17, SD=2.16), the most dementia protective behaviors of medium level were 44% (M=2.35, SD=0.12) and the samples were basic ADLs of 12-20 and 5-11score hadn’t difference dementia protective behaviors (F = 0.53, Sig > 0.05). Finding from focus group discussion found that basic ADLs of barriers (1) immobilization (2) urinary incontinence and the samples were suggestion that (1) want to have exercise promotion program or have physical therapist give advice them (2) want to food for easy chewing (3) want to have activities relaxation (4) want to feel valued in myself.


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