Roles of Nurse in Bipolar Disorder Care

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Preeyarat Phunphean Napapat Baitrakool


Bipolar Disorder or Bipolar Mood Disorder is one of the abnormal illnesses in emotion. Thus, the disease will show the symptom of depression interchange with cheerfulness and these conditions will effect tremendously to patients’ life in both working aspect, in relationship with others and in caring of oneself and it caused patients unable to live their daily lives normally. Patients of this disease are in high risk of suicide if they are not received treatment. Therefore, nursing roles are important in caring of Bipolar Disorder patients in order to reduce the turning back to the illness repeatedly and to promote the quality of life of the Bipolar Disorder patients. This article has objective to provide knowledge that related to Bipolar Disorder, its symptoms, its signs, the classification of diseases and roles of nurses in patients’ care.


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