Authors submit article manuscript (Word and .pdf file format), English language editing certificate by an expertise (for article in English language) and attach proposal article for publication form through Online Submissions

Moreover, authors must submit authentic proposal article for publication forms to the editorial board with signatures of all authors according to the address below.

          Editorial Board of the Far East University Journal

          120 Mahidol Road, Muang District, Chiang Mai 50100

For the benefits of authors, please study the article print format, and reference format image, as well as download the article template from the journal website at URL: or study from Thai Journal Online website: ThaiJo at URL:

The article must be considered in process of review manuscript by editorial board first. Then, the editorial board will inform the author to transfer fee for publication and submit the article to the reviewers in the field of study related for assessment before publication.

Furthermore, if the article passes the assessment by reviewers in the field of study related and the editorial board’s consideration, the author will receive a letter of acceptance for publication within a period of 3-4 months (starting from the date when the article is submitted to the reviewers in the field of study relevant for assessment before publication) as detailed in the review process at URL: