The Effect of Service Quality Perception on Two Key Manifestations of Attitudinal Loyalty

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Nguyen Xuan Tho Chang Chia Hua


This study aimed at testing the relevant dimensions of service quality perception of customers in mobile telecommunication sector, and examining the effect of overall service quality on two key manifestations of attitudinal loyalty, including repurchase intention and positive word-of-mouth. A total of 557 valid questionnaires, collected from current mobile phone users in Vietnam, were tested in this study. Prior to employing Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) for testing hypotheses, confirmatory factor analysis verified five distinct factors contributing to overall service quality. These five service quality dimensions consist of call quality, price policy, convenience, customer support, and added services. The results from hypotheses testing indicated that overall service quality has a positive impact on repurchase intention of customers as well as their intention of disseminating positive word-of-mouth. The findings of this study not only added more knowledge to deepen the understanding of service quality and consumer psychology in the field of mobile telecommunication service, but also yielded a number of practical implications for mobile carriers in Vietnam. Based on the study’s findings, some suggestions were made so that mobile network operators in Vietnam could retain their customers more effectively.


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Tho, N., & Hua, C. (2018). The Effect of Service Quality Perception on Two Key Manifestations of Attitudinal Loyalty. The Journal of Behavioral Science, 13(1), 68-81. Retrieved from
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