Local Histories of Female Monastic Communities in Thai Society

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MaecheeKritsana Raksachom


This research entitled‘Local History of Female Monastic Communities in Thai society.’ There are three objectives: 1) to study the development and history of female monastic communities in Thai society, 2) to study the activities and processes in supporting Buddhism and culture of female monastic communities in Thai society, and 3) to analyze and propose the development ways of female monastic communities in Thai society. It is a qualitative research based on studying documentaries, in-depth interview, focus group discussion and participant observation. The samples of research were five female monastic communities: 1) the Sanămchee in Phetchaburi, 2) the Prajumnărĩ in Ratchaburi, 3) the Santisukha in Nakhon Pathom, 4) the Khaophra in Suphanburi, and 5) the Bhăvanădhamma temple in Prachinburi.

The research found that all five female monastic communities were established by Maechee or nuns who strict in practicing meditation, live a simple life in the forest as the meditation masters. They got financial support from the laymen and sought suggestions from the Sangha. The processes of supporting Buddhism and culture, all female monastic communities principally adhered to the important days in Buddhism and traditional practice in preaching to the general people, youths, and elders. The female monastic communities in Thai society can develop in four ways. First, in the education should focus on meditation practice. Second, in propagation should learn how to use technology and media. Third, in social work should provide shelter and food, and forth the religious place should build the meditation center that is friendly to the environment.


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