An Analysis of Cittaniyāma (Psychic Law) as Universal Moral Conscience

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Phrathepsiddhimuni Phrathepsiddhimuni Phrarajvaravethee Phrarajvaravethee Phrarajvethee Phrarajvethee Phrapariyatthada Phrapariyatthada Chaichan Srihanu Chaichan Srihanu Ponpitnarong Ponpitnarong


This academic paper is a part of research work entitled ‘An Analysis of Cittaniyāma (Psychic Law) as Universal Moral Conscience’ focuses on a study of the principle of Cittaniyama in Theravada Buddhism, analysis of moral principles and analyzing the principle of Cittaniyama as a universal moral conscience. This research is a documentary, taken data from primary sources and related documents. The findings were that Cittaniyāma is a regulation or law of mentality. The mentality or mind naturally occurs-extinguishes in every moment, depending on its factors. It divided into 3 categories: wholesome, unwholesome and neutral consciousness. All general moral thoughts are engaged with just reasoning and self-cling while cittaniyama uses mindfulness and awareness to observe the current of consciousness with its factors in every moment. It can prevent and subdue the immoral deeds, opening for higher moral development, valuating all acts and final it can solve moral disputes.


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