An Analytical Study of Pali Terms in Ratanasutta Through Saddivisesa Texts

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Phramahakomon Kamalo Phrarajvajiradilok Phrarajvajiradilok Phrametheevarayan Phrametheevarayan


This academic paper is a part of research entitled ‘An Analytical Study of Pali Terms in Ratanasutta through Saddavisesa Texts’ aims at a study of the background and importance of Ratanasutta, study significance of Saddavisesa scriptures and analyzing Pali terms taken from Ratanasutta through Saddavisesa texts. This is a documentary research. The findings were that Ratana term contains 3 meanings; measurement, property and nobility. In this sutta, in refers to Buddha’s teaching describing the quality of Triple Gems emphassising on the virtues that can be reminded and obeyed as a method and goal of life such as the great meditation of Buddha and implicity and shamefulness of sins of Sangha briefly signify that most value must be practiced by oneself by focusing on eliminating selfishness step by step in sequence up to attaining the highest value or Nibbana. The Pali Saddavisesa texts are recognized as the basic texts for study of Tipitaka scriptures. It is necessary to thoroughly study the linguistic principles of these Saddavisesa texts for Pali benefits


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