The Indicators of Authentic Leadership for Teachers in General Buddhist Scripture Schools: Constructing and Verifying the Congruency in the Hypothesis Model

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Phramaha Chatchai Moonsan Wirot Sanrattana Paisan Suwannaoi


The purpose of this research was to make the hypothesis model of authentic leadership for teachers in the General Buddhist Scripture Schools. In the research, documentary studies were done through the synthesis of academician views concerning theory and research and then being verified by the congruency between the main and sub-elements and the indicators in the hypothesis model given by experts. Data were analyzed by congruence: IOC., it was fond that the hypothesis model consists of 4 main components; each one has sub-components in 4-model:  1) measurement model of self-awareness consists of emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment, and self-consciousness in development, 2) measurement model of relationships include participation, trust, and shared vision, 3) measurement model of practicing values of beliefs, propagation experience, perception, and 4) measurement model of leader with learning person. Each element of indicators was fond that the main component and sub-component including indicators are accorded one another and its   value index  was higher than 0.50


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