The Application of Buddhadhamma Principles to Recreational activities the mind development of Teenagers in Thai society

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Pruetpakawat Pengtakho


The Application of Buddhadhamma Principles  to recreational activities to develop the mind of teens in Thai society  is  very important. The threefold  are used for recreational follows : 1) Precepts help control self discipline.  2) concentration to know (good,evil and wrong),mindfulness and stability while doing activities. 3) wisdom  is to choose activities or sports to suit themselves, to know what to think and do not. The Recreational activities help to development the minds of teenagers as follows. 1. Development of emotions. 2. Create new experiences. 3. Enhance the experience. 4. participation. 5. self-expression 6. quality of life 7. humanity and 8. good citizenship.


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