The Pattern of Explaination of the Buddha’s Teachings Based on Nettipakaraṇa

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This article entitled “The Pattern of Explanation of the Buddha’s TeachingsBased on Nettipakaraṇa” has two objectives: 1) to study the explanatory pattern of Buddhist teachings according to Nettipakaraa’s style, and 2) to analyze the explanatory pattern of Buddhist teachings according to Nettipakaraa’s style. This is a documentary research. In the research, it was found thatNettipakaraahas sixteen Hãrasand five Nayas. In this scripture, the explanatory principles of the Buddha’s teachings, both characteristics and meanings. Once its characteristics were explained by sixteen Hãrasthen the clear-cut explanation of the Buddhist teachings was also made through synthesizing them into four noble truths ending them up with showing the noble path together with the putting the end to defilements where the concise analysis, examination and explanation were systematically done. In this matter, once its meanings were explained through five Nayas then the clarity and demarcation of both Sakilesadhammaand Vodãnadhammawere also given wherein both sides, Bhãvetappadhammaand Pahãtappadhammawere provided. By virtue of this, Bodhipakkhiya-dhammaand the way leading to the extinction of defilement are gradually progressed.


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