An Analysis of the Threefold Training as Educational Innovation

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พระปิฎกโกศล ปราโมทย์ ปโมทิโต


The main purposes of this research were to study a concept of educational innovation according to Threefold Training, and to analyze Threefold Training as educational innovation. This was a documentary research with the descriptive analysis. A result of this study was found in the following aspects.

The concept of education innovation according to Threefold Training was found that the learning-and-teaching process according to Threefold Training was some innovation of learning-and-teaching process, called ‘Threefold Training-based teaching’. Three concepts of this learning-and-teaching activity were (1) morality, a way to develop human behavior in physical and verbal aspects, (2) concentration, a way to develop ethics and mental efficiency, and (3) wisdom, a way to get knowledge and understanding of all things as they really were.      

              The analysis of Threefold Training as the educational innovation was found that the teaching method according to Threefold Training was consisted of four steps: (1) creation of Right View including two elements: Paratoghosa and Yonisomanasikara, (2) Right View in students, (3) organization of an educational process according to Threefold Training in a way that morality to control the physical and verbal behavior, concentration to develop mind, and wisdom to know things reasonably as they really were and to understand clearly the world and life, and (4) measurement and assessment according to Threefold Training: morality, concentration and wisdom.


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