Ayojayanagaravinasakatha :Tranasliteration, Translation And Analytical Study

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พระมหาถวิล กลฺยาณธมฺโม สมตัว


The objectives of this research are: 1) to transliterate the palm manuscripts from Khmer-Pali  language  into Thai-Pali Language 2) to translate Thai-Pali language into Thai language, and 3) to study the value and significance of the manuscripts.

The results of the study were found that the ancient palm manuscripts were engraved in the early Ratanakosin period and found in Wat Rajasittharam, a royal temple in Bangkok. It depicts the history, development, prosperity and also declination of the ancient Ayudhaya kingdom. The historical value , linguistic value, Buddhist  value as well as Pali  literature  value  are  also  found  from  the manuscript.

The research results  were  also  found  that  it  is Ayojayanagaravinasakatha scripture that was written in the early Rattanakosin period and is a scripture written with a stylus (on palmleaves) in Khmer alphabet (Cambodia language) discovered at Wat Ratchasittharam Ratchaworawihan (Wat Plub), narrating the stories about the history, the rise and the fall of the Kingdom of Ayudhya as regarded as a valuable and important scripture in the history, linguistics, Buddhism and literature


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