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พงษ์ศักดิ์ ทองไสล วิสุทธิ์ สุนทรกนกพงศ์ ศิริรัตน์ เพ็ชร์แสงศรี


The objectives of this research were 1) to develop a quality and effective e-Learning courseware entitled Data, Variables and Constants for Grade 12 students at Wangnamyenwittayakom School. 2) to compare posttest achievement scores of students learning with e-Learning courseware and those undertaking traditional learning. The samples in this study were Grade 12 students studying in Semester 1 of the Academic Year 2015 at Wangnamyenwittayakom School. Cluster Random Sampling method was employed to select 110 students from 3 classrooms. Frist group of students was to find the effectiveness (E1/E2) of the E-Learning courseware, the second group of students was required to study using e-learning courseware and the third group of students followed traditional learning.  Instruments of the research consisted of a developed E-learning courseware, a quality evaluation questionnaire and a multiple-choice achievement test. This test comprised of 30 items with the IOC between 0.67 and 1.00, the degree of difficulty at 0.50-0.73, the degree of discrimination at 0.20-0.60 and reliability coefficient at 0.85. The results of this research revealed that:

  1. The quality content was evaluated by the experts and found in a very good level (x̄ =4.82, S.D.=0.39) and the quality of media development technique was also found in a very good level (x̄ =4.83, S.D.=0.38).

  2. The effectiveness (E1/E2) of the e-Learning courseware was found at 82.87/81.56.

  3. The achievement of students after learning with the developed e-Learning courseware entitled Data, Variables and Constants for Grade 12 students at Wangnamyenwittayakom School was found higher than the achievement of those undertaking traditional learning at a statistically significant level of .01.


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ทองไสลพ., สุนทรกนกพงศ์ว., & เพ็ชร์แสงศรีศ. (2017). THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN E-LEARNING COURSEWARE ON DATA, VARIABLES AND CONSTANTS FOR GRADE 12 STUDENTS. Journal of Industrial Education, 16(1), 42-49. Retrieved from
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