Strengthing Socia Ethics Through Animism And Buddhism In Lanna

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Setthawut Inthachak


This research is Qualitative Research. There are three objectives of this researches. ๑) to study the concept of ghost belief in Buddhism and Lanna ๒) to study the combination of ghost belief and Buddhist culture in Lanna. ๓) to study and analysis the model of creating social ethics through ghostly and Buddhist beliefs with ghosts in Lanna.

The Strengthening Social Ethics Through  Animism and Buddhism in Lanna founded that the belief in spirituality is a key belief that human cannot explains. Thais people respect ghosts before Buddhism. Ghosts can be divided into heavenly spirits. It is respected among the Thai people in the Mekong River Basin. Ghost City is the ghost that preserves the city. It is respected by all Thai people. Ancestral spirits of various tribes. Ghost house is the ancestor of the village. And the house of the living spirit is a ghost; There are also other types of ghosts.

In other side the combination of spiritual beliefs and Buddhist culture in Lanna. Due to in the recent Lanna people is derived from ancestors of many race ethnicities. So, there are a ghost named and the ritual traditions that belong to ancestral ghost genre are many groups. But in general, Lanna people will recognize and acknowledge that their ancestors are descended from grandfather in the vision of the Lanna people believe that their ancestors since the grandmother's eldest grandfather. But if there is a passion to bond with them forever.

The analysis of the model of social morality through ghost and Buddhist beliefs with ghosts in Lanna. It is due to ancestor worship, which grows from the cult of the supernatural (Animism), which is the origin of many creeds and the origin of some religions. The belief in ghosts is a human belief since ancient times. It is the development of one level of human faith.

Good ghosts and bad ghosts are spirits. For the good ghost human believed that it is the spirit of ancestors or those who are mentally bound, who are anxious to protect those who are still human beings, to enjoy happiness. In the other ghosts, bad ghost it means, their souls with impure minds are malicious. 


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