Suciṭtālaṅkāra: Translilteration Translation and Analysis

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วิโรจน์ คุ้มครอง


This research article aims at presenting Sucittālan͘kāra scripture dealing with explanation of Abhidhamma in brief comparing with short learning course composed by Ven. Kalayanathera of Myanmar. The registered number of Sucittālan͘kāra scripture with palm leaf at National Library is 3687/ขฝ1-3 ต. 18 ช. 2 containing 3 ties. Its contents were classified into 17 parts well preserved for benefits for next generation. For analysis Abhidhamma study, the Sucittālan͘kāra scripture with Pali-khmere version was composed on 2172 B.E. in Burma containing the features consistent with contents found in Tipitaka in which Ven.Kalayanathera intentionally tried to preserve its original style. He selected the words such as Cit, Cetasika, Rūpa and Nibbāna etc. from Abhidhammapitaka to be analyzed without changing its original essence of Buddha’s teaching. By this reason, the Sucittālan͘kāra scripture composed by Ven. Kalayanathera basing on Abhidhammapitaka and Abhidhammatthasangaha scripture contains the contents which analyze nature of consciousness etc. into various and uncomplicated types in order to be easy for Buddhists to study the Abhidhammapitaka clearly.


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