Analysis of Milindapanha scripture that's about misconduct

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Montree Sirarojananan


Milindapanha scripture is a commentary based on history to explain the principles and discipline in Buddhism. One question in scripture about the monk misconduct. A question and answer could be accepted in those days. But for the present reason, this answer has a suspicious look. From the question that does not specify clearly. The word that is misconduct about the level of mistake.  Answering the question in the scripture that monks can also receive the offerings of folks and bring them to merit. It does not correspond to the content in the Tipitaka scriptures. That the Buddha discerned the monks who behaved wrongly. It’s possible that the Milindapanha scripture praises the status of the monk. This is one method to make Buddhism last longer. In the past, The commentator used a plot to insert this content to confirm the value of ordination.  And  to  encourage Buddhists to ordain to continue the Buddhism. But the value of the monk too much even though the monk behave wrongly, this method may be more damaging than helping to maintain Buddhism.



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