1. To be a source of quality research articles that showing academic value. Furthermore it can be used both in theory (Theoretical Contributions) and for management (Managerial Contributions).
2. To provide academic services for academician and societies which it can be a source of business management knowledge in various fields and for exchanging academic knowledge and experiences between academician and others.

Scope of JMMS

1. JMMS considers the Thai or English articles that use quantitative research or mix method.  The contents of  articles are in business administration field under the correct process of research methodology. The result leads to the creation of new knowledge that clearly describes the process or research methodology based on the theory, concepts and literature.
2. The aims of research are to develop knowledge in business administration (theoretical or applying to the organization either in terms of commercial policy or broad management, not as a research to solve a particular problem)

Article review process

Articles that are considered primarily from the editorial board of JMMS and will be sent to experts in the relevant field.
1. The editorial team will notify the sender of the article when the editorial team receives the complete article and checking the topic, content and  print format of the article. Futhermore, we consider the conformity with the JMMS's objectives through the theoretical and practical benefits.  In case of some article  that it needs to be corrected the editorial team will return it to the authors according to the initial suggestion. Authors must returned within the specified period.
2. The articles are peer reviewed by external and internal peer reviewers at least two persons  in the relevant field per article to check the quality of the article whether it is appropriate to be published or not. In this screening process experts will not be able to know the information of the authors. (Double-blind peer review)
3. Editorial team will decide based on the recommendations of the experts that the article should be published or should be sent to the authors to revise before considering again or deny publication.

Publication Time Period

1 year with 2 issues

issue 1 between January - June

issue 2 between July - December

The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is 2408-2619

Payment Fee

To pay a fee of 3,500 Baht Read the notice Click here

By bank transfer. Bank of Ayudhya
Account Name มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏลำปาง "วารสารวิทยาการจัดการสมัยใหม่"
Account number 439-1-19897-4

Confirms transfering 

By copying the transfer document with name / phone number and sent to  jmmslpru@gmail.com

The process of submitting articles for publication.

User Manuals and Submissions in ThaiJo 2

Criteria for submitting research articles or academic articles for publication. (Please study in detail)

Bibliography format (refer to library network, regional university).