Music as an Agent of Change – Experiences from Intercultural Communication and Development Cooperation In the field of Music and the Arts

  • Tom Gravlie International Department, Concerts Norway (Rikskonsertene), Gullhaug torg 2 0484, Oslo, Norway.
Keywords: Live Music, Multiculturalism, Immigrants, Festivals, Exchange, School, Concerts, Music Co-operation, Intercultural Dialog, Teaching, Racism, Change of Attitudes


The article describes 30 years of cultural activities in the field of music in Norway. From a small start multicultural music programs and intercultural communica-tion has become a significant factor in the music field in Norway. The activities have also been of interest for several countries in Africa, Asia, South America and Middle East, which has led to several long-term music cooperation programs with Norway, as a part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ` Development Aid Program. Children and youth have been a major target group, and the schools have been an important arena to show the power of music as an agent of change.

Guest Author