The Development of treenail to increase security for wood-work practice

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Keywords: treenail, Increase security, wood-work practice


Technology on wood-work is important to build fundamental skills from the design process to the actual work-piece. Skill training and use of knowledge in designing and building wood-work products which are the beauty of wood products depend on the correct operation. Proper work has a process model, the understanding of tool usage in wood-work to bring skills and the processes on the practical work and daily life.

Development of equipment treenail to increase security for this wood-work, the researcher realized the problems that would affect the wood-work practice and could reduce the use of equipment to further, and add convenience and safe to practical wood-work are to reduce other cost. As a result, users would be more skillful in the practice with the increased productivity in production and variety of complete treenail equipment with four aspects: shape, functional strength, and production.By analyzing the steps to find the pattern and fit of the development of treenail equipment to increase security for wood-work practice, it was found that 3 experts were (1)Associate Professor Dr. Watiroytau Pichai Sotpibal (2)Associate Professor Udomsak Saributr (3)Assistant Professor Dr. Tanet Pirom, who have comments about suitability in the procedure development of treenail equipment to increase the security for wood-work practice. The evaluation in all four aspects according to the conceptual framework used in the research is as follow Form Utility, Strength and  Production by the appropriate level at a high level (xˉ = 4.27)

The analysis of the opinions of the test and the training of wood-based equipment was evaluated by 30 wood-work instructors which were based on three research frameworks Functional Usability, Usability and Safety by suitability at a high level
(xˉ = 4.11)

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