Behavioral Activation in Post-stroke Patients with Depression:Brain and Neuroscience Perspectives

  • ลัดดาวัลย์ มั่นพานิช
  • ชนกฤทัย ชื่นอารมณ์
Keywords: Post-stroke Depression, Behavioral Activation, Brain and Neuroscience


        Being struggle with acute cerebrovascular disease leads to the loss of body image and impaired ability of doing daily life activities.  Individuals who react to loss with unhealthy coping process could initiate chronic stress response that could, in turn, bring about psychological depression.  This article aimed to discuss on what nurses should do to promote healthy coping and prevent further mental deterioration of post-stroke patients. First, the authors described how post-stroke coping process could lead to pathological depression. Then, the therapeutic concept of behavioral activation is introduced and explained in accordance with recent knowledge on brain and neuroscience of learning and behavioral execution. In the final part, the authors provided recommendations for nurses to apply principles of brain and neuroscience function in nursing care plan to promote adaptation and activate coping behavior in post-stroke patients.