Review of Richards & Rodgers’ (2014) Approaches & Methods in Language Teaching (3rd ed.)

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Apisak Pupipat


I am familiar with the second edition (2001) more since I used to use it for a methodology class for MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language students. The third edition came into existence two years ago and I am very happy with it because it has expanded (from a total of 270 pages to 410 pages) and updated to cover interesting approaches/methods in ELT, as the authors have rightly said:

‘Despite the advances that have been made in our understanding of language teaching and learning in the last few decades, the language teaching profession continues to explore new instructional designs and pedagogies. Language teaching today reflects the changed status of English as an international language, which has accelerated the demand for more effective approaches to language teaching. Innovations in technology, the growing trend to begin teaching English at primary level as well as the use of English as a medium of instruction in many university programs prompt an ongoing review of past and present practices as teachers and teacher educators search for effective activities and resources for their classrooms.’ (p. ix)


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Apisak Pupipat

Apisak Pupipat teaches English language skills (especially writing), literature and linguistics to undergraduate students, as well as intercultural communication and World Englishes to graduate students at Thammasat University’s English Department. He enjoys training teachers through humorous media, organizing English camps, and DJing western classical music on his Facebook—plus is thinking hard about creativity in Thai teachers.