The Relationship between Corporate Governance and Cost of Equity of Listed Companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand

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วรรณรัตน์ ปณิธานธรรม ดลกณิศ เต็งอำนวย


This research aims to examine the relationship between corporate governance and the cost of equity of a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The overall sample
(913 items) covers the year 2010 to 2012. The research results show that the majority of listed companies have 8-10 directors with 33% - 50 % independent directors. However, 5% of the
overall sample reveals that there are less than 33 % of independent directors who do not meet the requirements of good corporate government. The results also show that there is a negative
relationship between the level of corporate governance and the cost of equity. Furthermore, the size of the board reflects with the cost of equity in the same direction. Nevertheless, there
is no relationship between the proportion of independent directors and the cost of equity at a significance level of 0.05.

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