Viewpoint and Role of the True Leader with Organizational Management in the 21st Century

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The organization of the 21 st Century is new era or transitional organization. Rapid change and extreme competitive business conditions make public and private organizations need to adapt themselves in order to achieve future organizational for sustainable survival. In various perspectives of the 21 st Century management, the organizations need to acquire good management and focus on viewpoint and truly leadership including decentralization, openness, innovation, teamwork, flexibility and ability to analyze and use data for making decisions accurately, Leader is the one who has ethic morality toward organization, society and Environment. Thus, the organization’s leader must find a tool that will lead the organization to become superior over others when the organization goes through the transition due to the impact of digital technology in order to be successful. The top management should emphasis on restructuring by promoting main process and supporting the process to become digital, conducting research and encouraging product development and investing new infrastructure system. However, nowadays many organizations still lack of leader in terms of quantity and quality both in management and operational level. Therefore, the organization needs to keep an eye on innovation or technology that can increase market and enhance value in order to build up a competitive advantage as well as the development of truly leadership in playing a prominent role and moving forward to the future of the 21 st Century. At the same time, Organizational Management of the 21 st Century will also bring in sustainability for organizations further.


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