02 Zero Waste Management by Multi participants Concept

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ดำหริ กำปั่นวงษ์ วรสิทธิ์ เจริญพุฒ นัยนา เกิดวิชัย รัชฎา จิวาลัย


This paper aimed to 1) purposed concepts and model of Zero Waste Management
by multi participants.2) monitored success of implementation. Since traditional Waste
management employed Scientific and Engineering concepts were not sufficient effectiveness,
because root causes of Garbage disposal was human overconsumption and carelessly
behavior about managing. There was a new concept named Zero waste management which
consisted of Reduce that mean sufficiency product and service consumption, Reuse mean
using reused product, Recycle, mean reproducing used product as raw material of newly
build product.
Moreover, there should be a network coordinating among peoples, household,
community, Public sectors, Entrepreneurs. These concepts had been successful implemented
in developed countries mostly were European countries. Thai local governments had applied
these concepts but outcomes were not efficiency since lacking of multi participants and
policy formulation and Implementation of Local Administration Organization were not


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