05 The study of logistics for supporting border trade in the area of Singkhon district, Prachuap khiri khan province.

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ภฤศญา ปิยนุสรณ์


The purpose of this research is 1) to study the logistics context for border trade in
Singkhon. 2) To study the internal and external factors of Singkhon, Prachuap khiri khan province.
This research was a qualitative research using in-depth interviews with 30 key informants on
logistics education to promote the export business of Dan Singh border goods in Prachuap
khiri khan province.The research found that Dan Singh is a special relief point.
The Thai-Myanmar border trade on Dan Singh has increased by 20 million baht per year
or about 200 million baht a year. Office of the National Economic and Social Development
Board, 2005). From the side of Myanmar Traveling in the border market more singles. Dan Singh
is a potential frontier for tourism, trade and investment, but the key issue remains that Dan
Singh has not yet been declared a permanent crossing point. It is also a barrier to the development
of trade between the two countries can not fully. In particular, the land transport is
subject to restrictions on the rules of handling cargo. The border trade between Thailand and
Burma is not an exchange of goods for subsistence purposes in border areas. It is also a way
of transporting goods to Myanmar’s major cities or passing on to other countries.


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