Validity and Reliability of Developed Goniometer in Measuring Knee Joint

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Tanchanok Damri Jeeranan Manomai Tatiya Pengchai


Background: Goniometer is a physical therapy tool for evaluation the range of motion. Standard goniometer is commonly used for clinical practice. However, to recovery the range of motion in community would need a simple and inexpensive tool. The purpose of this study was to investigate the reliability and validity of the Developted Goniometer (DG) in measure knee range of motion.
Subjective: Fifty healthy participants were included. Participants consisted of men and women aged between 18-70 years old (38.6 ±5.6)without fracture or injuries of knee joint, patella and legs were recruited for this study.
Duration of this study: 1st July 2018 to 31st September 2018.
Method: Fifty subjects were evaluated for the range of motion of knee flexion by AG and UG.
Results: The results showed that the agreement between the DG and UG presented a high level of agreement (r=0.77, p<0.05) while average of knee flexion of DG and UG were 134.1±5.6, 131.9±6.2 degree respectively. The validity result compared with UG showed having no significant different of average range of knee flexion measured by two devices.
Conclusion: Developted goniometer has a reliability and validity for measure knee range of motion in flexion.
Keyword: Developted gonimeter, Knee range of motion, Reliability, Validity


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