Utilization of Soaked Dry Black Beans Water for Textile Dyeing Process

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Kanchana Luepong


The purpose of this research was to investigate the use of soaked black bean water and to add value to it, otherwise it is considered as the colored waste water. The soaked black bean water was analyzed for phytochemicals and dyeing process was carried out on different types of fibers. Dried black beans were soaked in water, ratio 1:1, for at least 12 hours. The dyeing process involved soaking the fiber in soaked black bean water at 100oC for 30 min. to determine the type of fiber, staining, color fastness and applications. Results showed presence of Anthocyanin, Anthraquinonoid, Terpenoid, Saponin, Tannin and Flavonoids in soaked black bean water. It was found that dye could be absorbed by silk fabric in an acidic condition. The shade appeared red-brown at L*44.17, a*16.88 and b*20.13, color strength was 6.19 and ultraviolet protection was blocked more than 97.5 percentages as UPF 50+. Moreover, the color fastness grading in crocking property was very good to excellent, good washing fastness and moderate fastness in the presence of light.  In conclusion, soaked black bean water can be used for dyeing for silk fabric and enhance UV protection.


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