The Challenge of Applying English as International Language Instructional Context of Thailand

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    This article aims to provide knowledge to readers for applying English, which is considered as an international language in the instructional context of Thailand. English has its important role as it is international language which is used by people all around the world. Many countries have realized its importance in developing English using capabilities of citizens within their countries as found in Thailand.
Thailand has encouraged its citizens to improve their English skills. It has been taught as foreign language and imitated the original styles of native speakers like the American and the English. The aspects of scholars reveal that holding on the original style of correctness of native speakers is the reason for intimidation Thai students to study English because they are afraid to use it in classes and outside classes. Meanwhile, English as the international language has various styles of usage and different culture which concentrate on understanding of communications more than sticking to the original styles of native speakers. Instructors need to realize its
diversity. They need to adapt and apply their teaching in classes and do not concentrate on using only some original formats of native speakers. They have to be open-minded to evolve the use of the language in order to be able to apply it for real-life communications for easy understandings.


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