Factors Relating to the Conjunctivitis Preventive Behaviors among Higher Elementary Students in Hang Hong Municipality, Muang District, Sakon Nakhon Province

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จิราภรณ์ จำปาจันทร์ ศศิวรรณ ทัศนเอี่ยม ณีรนุช วรไธสง


     The aim of this research was to explore the factors relating to the conjunctivitis preventive behaviors
among higher elementary students.A total population of 243 students who study in Hang Hong municipality.
The data were collected by using a questionnaire were created by the researcher. Data was analyzed by using
frequency, percentages, mean, standard deviations, Pearson’s correlation coefficients and independent
samples test. The results showed that the experience with conjunctivitis and knowledge of conjunctivitis
were all positively associated with attitude for conjunctivitis (t-test = 2.281, p-value = 0.023 and r = 0.350,
respectively) and students’ attitude was associated with preventive behavior for conjunctivitis (r = 0.278,
p-value < .001).
     This study suggests that local health organization should promote health preventive behavior for
conjunctivitis and organize activities to disseminate information on conjunctivitis in the students. The sources
of information on conjunctivitis should be developed. Appropriate types of media should be utilized to serve
students or people experienced with conjunctivitis is to stimulate students’ attitudes and practices in the
prevention of conjunctivitis further.


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