Surapong Baotong ระบบสารสนเทศสนับสนุนการดำเนินงานสำนักงานสภา มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏศรีสะเกษ Information system support the operation of the Council Sisaket Rajabhat University

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The research of Information system support the operation of the University Council     Sisaket. Set up with the objective of 1) to study the information system support the operation of the office of the University Council Si SA ket 2). To evaluate the efficiency of information system for supporting operations office of the Sisaket Rajabhat University. The sample consisted of experts. The worker and the Sisaket Rajabhat University of 30 people by selection of blanking and tools in performance evaluation system was used to scale 5 level. The computer experts, practitioners, and the statistical analysis of data. Consists of basic statistics include. The mean and standard deviation.

The development of information technology operations support for office Sisaket Rajabhat University. Should be divided into 3 structure applications including parts of 1) workers 2) board 3) individuals, which the group of users have set access permissions are different and the developed system can store. Meeting documents into categories. Which makes it easy to searching. The information contained in the system has improved the data up to date. Users can download the documents available immediately.

The evaluation of the performance of the system by expert practitioners and the board of directors, which concluded that the developed system effectively in good consistency with the proper working. And the board can be used.

Keywords : information systems development, Office of the Council of Srisaket

                  Rajabhat University


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