Vol 8 (2018)

Editor’s Note

This volume is published on time with the support of all steadfast scholars, the Advisory Board, the Editorial Board, the Manager and the Managerial Staff. As an editor, I would like to thank all of them for their countless contribution and their continuous works.

Also, as the editor, I feel responsible for sharing concerns on maintaining the standard of the journal together with providing a forum for scholars to share their passion in academia through their writing. One bitter situation in academia is the ‘publish and perish’. Strictly speaking in the world of legal scholars, the editor in the European Journal of International Law just posted an editorial note titled ‘Publish and Perish: A Plea to Deans, Faculty Chairpersons, University Authorities’ in the November 2018 Issue. Its objective is to explain the disastrous effects of forcing junior scholars to publish and secure their positions. After reading this editorial, I wholeheartedly agree not only as a young scholar but also as an editor to a journal.

My concern as the editor specifically goes to Master’s degree students who write a thesis because one condition to graduate is to publish their thesis either partially or wholly into an indexed journal. This point is not mentioned in the abovementioned editorial since the editor of the said journal focuses only young faculty member and post-doctoral. Also, I assume that in the said editor’s country, LL.M. students are not forced to publish their thesis. Many countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc. do not require LL.M. students to publish any part of their thesis. This astonishes me. Do they not want any publication score from Master’s students? If not, what do they really expect from writing a master’s thesis subject to the fact that it is a requirement in a country? These kinds of questions have been popped up in my head more frequently since the deadline of publishing the Thammasat Business Law Journal is approaching. However, there is no time to search for any answer. There are articles needed to be proofread, rechecked, reformatted and done whatever they have to so as to strive for the everchanging criteria. Let alone thinking about the legitimacy of the requirements!!


Lalin Kovudhikulrungsri


Thammasat University

Published: 2018-12-17

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