Design Thinking Process: New Perspective in Thai Healthcare System

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นุชจรี กิจวรรณ


Design thinking refers to a creative, human-centred thinking process. This system
of thinking can lead to transdisciplinary innovations because the ideas and imaginations
are derived from staff members with various organisational backgrounds. A prototype
created from a design thinking process can be promptly tested and adjusted to ensure it
ultimately produces the desired outcomes.
This article aims to describe a design thinking process developed using the D
School concept. This process involves 5 stages, namely, (1) Developing an in-depth
understanding; (2) Defning and interpreting problems; (3) Unlimited sharing of
imaginations and creative ideas; (4) Developing a prototype; and (5) Testing the
In the context of Thai healthcare system, design thinking refers to creation of
innovations that not only respond to patients’ needs and hopes, but also address the
problems faced by the patients, caregivers, and healthcare personnel. Design thinking
also contributes to the planning of innovative healthcare services, as it can be applied
by nurses to systematically design clinical problem-solving approaches and healthcare
systems that effectively respond to patients’ needs.



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