Effects of Arm Swing Exercise Programme on Nutritional Status in Female Older Adults at Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

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Kobkul Kleebbua นพวรรณ เปียซื่อ นรีมาลย์ นีละไพจิตร สุกัญญา ตันติประสพลาภ


Objective: To examine effects of an arm swing exercise programme on the nutritional
status of female older adults at risks of metabolic syndrome.
Design: One-group, self-control experimental research.
Procedure: The sample included 55 female older adults with excessive waist
circumferences, all residing in an urban community in Bangkok. Data collection, which
was by means of a questionnaire and baseline nutritional assessment, took place in 2
periods: a 4-week control period (from the start of the study to programme administration)
and a 4-week experimental period. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics,
one-way ANOVA with repeated measures, and multiple comparisons.
Results: After the program, the sample’s mean BMI (27.0 + 3.2 kg./m2) was
lower than before the programme (27.4 + 3.3 kg./m2) and lower than the baseline
(27.3 + 3.2 kg./m2), at a statistically signifcant level (F = 31.296, p < .001). The
participants’ mean WC (93.6 + 8.9 cm) was lower than before the programme (94.7 +
9.2 cm.) and lower than the baseline (94.6 + 9.2 cm.), at a statistically signifcant
level (F = 18.645, p < .001).
Recommendations: The results indicated that the arm swing exercise programme
was effective in reducing BMI and WC in female older adults. The programme, therefore,
could be applied by community nurse practitioners and health teams to promote better
health in female older adults residing in the communities.




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Kleebbua K, เปียซื่อน, นีละไพจิตรน, ตันติประสพลาภส. Effects of Arm Swing Exercise Programme on Nutritional Status in Female Older Adults at Risk of Metabolic Syndrome. Thai Journal of Nursing Council [Internet]. 12Jun.2018 [cited 23Feb.2019];33(1):27-. Available from: https://www.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/TJONC/article/view/118104
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