Comparison between cooled and room temperature lidocaine gel in reducing urethral discomfort during cystoscopy

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Thongchai Chansirirattanakul Tanet Thaidumrong Vorapot Choonhaklai Viroj Chittchang Somkiat Pumpaisanchai Nattapong Wongwattanasatien Sermsin Sindhubodee Chawawat Kosrisirikul Matchima Huabkong Somjith Duangkae


Objective:  Prospective randomized control trial study to compare pain score between room temperature and cooled 2% lidocaine gel during instillation and cystoscopy

Material and method:  Male patients who had indication for cystoscopy  between September 2017  and December  2017 at Rajavithi hospital were included in this study . They were  prospectively randomized into 2 groups .Group I  receive 10 ml of  2% lidocaine hydrochloride gel at 4 ◦C and Group II receive 10 ml of  2% lidocaine hydrochloride gel at room temperature (22 ◦C). After instillations of the gel and at the end of cystoscopy the patients were immediately asked to score the pain level using a NUMERIC RATING SCALE (NRS) FOR PAIN

Result: A total of 70 male patients were enrolled in the study then were randomized into 2 groups . No significant differences in patient age and numbers of previous cystoscopy between the two groups . The pain scores were analyzed using the Mann-Whitney U test. Pain perception scores during gel instillation were not statistically different between the groups ( P= 0.496 ). Pain perception scores during cystoscopic procedure in group I were statistically lower than in group II (P < 0.05) 

Conclusion: Transurethral cooled  2% lidocaine gel significantly reduced the pain during cystoscopy  when compare  with instillation of  room temperature 2% lidocaine hydrochloride .But did not significantly reduce pain perception score during gel instillation


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Chansirirattanakul, T., Thaidumrong, T., Choonhaklai, V., Chittchang, V., Pumpaisanchai, S., Wongwattanasatien, N., Sindhubodee, S., Kosrisirikul, C., Huabkong, M., & Duangkae, S. (2018). Comparison between cooled and room temperature lidocaine gel in reducing urethral discomfort during cystoscopy. The Thai Journal of Urology, 39(2), 28-34. Retrieved from
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