1. Suggestions and Consideration Criteria for Author(s)

   1.1 An article that is not under consideration for publication/or not under consideration of other types of publications and has never been published in any journals before domestically and internationally. If it was later found that the publication was duplicated, it is the sole responsibility of the author(s).

   1.2 An article that shows creativity with academic value, content integrity and accuracy according to academic principles.

   1.3 An article published must pass a quality assessment from a peer review process at least 2 persons per article. The reviewer(s) may request the author(s) to revise the article more appropriately.

   1.4 The editorial board reserves the right to edit the format of the submitted articles as deemed appropriate.

   1.5 Contents, texts, illustrations and tables published in the journal are personal opinions of the author(s). The editorial board has no responsibility on it. It is the sole responsibility of the author(s).

   1.6 Article(s) must not violate copyright, and must not copy or cut the message of others without permission.

   1.7 If an article is a translation or compilation from a foreign language, evidence of permission to publish in writing from the copyright owner must be submitted.

   1.8 Citations and references must be the correct format before publication which is the responsibility of author(s).

   1.9 The editorial board reserves the right not to return the article(s) back to the author(s).

2. Peer Review

    The articles will be carefully reviewed by double-blind peer review before publication.

3. Types of Article

     The original thesis that is a research article consisting of abstracts, introductions, objectives of research, methods of conducting research, research results, summary and discussion of research results, and references.

Remarks: Thai language articles must contain abstracts in Thai and English by using Thai abstracts before the English abstract. Articles in English do not require Thai abstracts.

4.  Paper Writing Guidelines and Paper Templetes
     Please follow these guidelines when writing your papers.

         4.1 Paper Writing Guidelines     

         For TNI Journal of Engineering and Technology Vol.7 no.2 (2019)    Paper Writing Guidelines (Vol.7 no.2)
        4.2 Paper Templetes

        - Thai language articles  (Vol.7 no.2 ,2019)  [Download]

        - English language articles  (Vol.7 no.2 ,2019) [Download]

5. Refernce Format

Reference format must translate from Thai to English which have to use IEEE Style  format only. (IEEE References Guides)

6. Rate of Membership, Reading Assessment and Publication of Article(s)

    6.1 Membership of TNI Journal of Engineering and Technology : 500 Baht/year
    6.2 Read assessment of an academic article by reviewers paid when submitting academic article(s): 2,500 Baht/article
    6.3 Publish academic article(s) in the TNI Journal paid when accepted by reviewers: 1,500 Baht/article

    (Announcement on 7 September 2018)